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About EAffirmations

Pharaoh O. Martin, CEO/Founder

Pharaoh is a retired Air Force Chief Master Sergeant and Air Traffic Controller. A self taught photographer, he loves nature photography and is passionate about the Hawaiian Islands. He created a niche to share his photography, inspire others, and help them to take time out and relax. EAffirmations was born!  

Our Intent and Focus

At EAffirmations our intent is simple, to provide our customers with a virtual refuge, an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Stress is at an all time high in our society and the world at large. The current media stream from television to movies, newspapers to magazines, radio to the internet, all seem to be focused on hype, drama, violence, and negativity. Each venue is constantly vying to increase their shock factor and going to the extreme to titillate the human senses.  We collectively have become insensitive to our spiritual existence and are losing our sense of humanity. 

EAffirmations is focused on the other end of the media spectrum that reconnects our spiritual existence and our sense of humanity. We provide an alternative viewing experience that redirects our focus, our conscious and subconscious mind, to a more positive and uplifting perspective of life.  At EAffirmations.com we know your thoughts have power. We believe in the power of affirmations, the power of positive thinking.  We believe we can change our world, one thought at a time!

Our Products

EAffirmations digital galleries consist of breathtaking photos and videos of the islands of Hawaii. These galleries include sunrises, sunsets, moon cycles, rolling seas, majestic mountains, fabulous flowers, and many of the beautiful sights that Hawaii has to offer. The photos alone are breathtaking, but there's more. Each photo is superimposed with a philosophical or spiritual affirmation, and is accompanied with relaxing music to inspire and comfort the soul. 

Browse and purchase our EAffirmations  photographs to provide daily inspiration and spiritual guidance leading to personal solitude, relaxation, and growth.  They are available as canvas prints, acrylic prints, metal prints, and other decorative home items.

Our secure commerce store is found at: EAfffirmations Fine Art America Gallery Wraps

We have over 100 EAffirmations to purchase.  Our videos provide inspiration and spiritual guidance leading to personal solitude, relaxation, and growth. 

EAffirmations Videos to view

If you would like to purchase a custom inspirational video for personal use, as a fundraiser, as a gift to help someone or for your business or wellness center, please send an email: pmartin@eaffirmations.com

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