About EAffirmations


Pharaoh O. Martin, CEO/Founder

 A self taught photographer, Pharaoh loves nature photography and is passionate about the Hawaiian Islands, meditation, and affirmations. He created a niche to share his passion and the beauty of Hawaii. He wants to inspire others to take time out, relax, and unplug from the noise of daily life by meditating on positive affirmations.  

Our Intent and Focus

At EAffirmations our intent is simple, to provide our customers with a virtual meditation refuge, an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Stress is at an all time high in our society and the world at large. The current media stream from television to movies, newspapers to magazines, radio to the internet, all seem to be focused on hype, drama, violence, and negativity. You have a choice!  

EAffirmations is an escape to regenerate and focus on positive affirmations to inspire, motivate, and relax anytime, anywhere. Unplug from the Noise!

Our Products

EAffirmations galleries consist of breathtaking photos and videos of the Hawaiian islands to include sunrises, sunsets, moon cycles, rolling seas, majestic mountains, fabulous flowers, and many of the beautiful sights that Hawaii has to offer. The photos alone are breathtaking, but there's more. Each photo is superimposed with a positive affirmation to inspire and uplift your soul with a single thought.

EAffirmations: Unplug from the Noise